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AOS Development is a third-generation real estate construction firm that guarantees high-quality standards and prompt product delivery. The late Mr Ismail Mohammed Solanki founded the Solanki Business Empire in the United Arab Emirates in the 1970s, which is where the company's origins can be traced back three generations. In the Emirates of Dubai and other cities, where The Solanki Group was first established in 1972, it operated as a general contracting company. Mr Abdul Rahman Solanki, the eldest son of Mr Ismail Mohammed Solanki together with his brothers, took control of the Solanki Business Empire. All the brothers entered the real estate and construction industries, including civil and building contracting.

Mr Omar Ismail Solanki, one of the Solanki Brothers, arrived in Mumbai, India, in 1994 after receiving his MBA from Texas, the United States. Invested in various reputable builders' real estate projects and purchased land around the city as a principal investor. He emerged as a developer, real estate investor, and land banker. Now in the third generation, Mr Ahmed, Mr Asad, and their father, Mr Omar Ismail Solanki, established a new venture, AOS Developments, under the Solanki Group of Companies with the blessing and guidance of their forefathers. The goal of AOS Developments is to provide comfortable homes that are tailored to the end.

Their aim is to practical users' needs, including cross ventilation, minimal floor-space waste but unmatched aesthetics, dedicated functional areas, world-class amenities, and dynamic elevation. The Western Suburbs of Mumbai, including Bandra, Khar, Andheri, etc., are the group's primary focus areas. We take advantage of technological advancements in our real estate projects because we recognise the possibilities they provide, and we strive to provide people with excellence and precision in everything we do. In the end, our goal is to give our consumers a building they can call home.

What is AOS?

Mr Omar Ismail Solanki was blessed with four sons to honor him. They walked in his footsteps to set the path for Solanki Empires. AOS is made from the initials of the First name, Middle name, and Last name of Mr Ahmed, Mr Asad, Mr Aamir, and Mr Aadil. The name AOS adds to the sentimental value that Solanki Empires hold onto

Our Visions

Our goal is to be known as one of Mumbai's innovative leaders in the estate redevelopment industry. The city's skyline must be changed, and residents' housing must be upgraded, to create a dynamic and iconic living environment. Our wish is to complete value-added projects on time and to an exceptional standard, earning the customers' top preference.

We aim to consistently offer our clients excellent value and cutting-edge construction solutions that adhere to modern principles and cutting-edge technology. Due to our well-known excellence, quality, performance, and dependability, AOS Developments wants to strive to always be the top choice for all types of

Our Missions

Being a reputable developer with a strong reputation for providing the highest calibre goods and services is central to our mission. We want better living conditions for everyone, including zero-waste homes with first-rate amenities, putting in a lot of effort, being sincere, and having a lot of passion to produce a good product.

We handle each project with the highest level of craftsmanship while providing the best service in the construction industry in order to excel in the timely completion of value-added projects and to become the customers' top choice. In the most coveted areas of the city. Every Mumbaikar can lead a "No Compromise" quality lifestyle while genuinely raising their standard of living.

Solanki Group of Companies

The Solanki Group was established in 1972. It started as a leading General Contracting Company in the Emirate of Dubai and as such has a permanent base in United Arab Emirates. The Group is associated in the state of UAE, India, and it has over the years expanded

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Mr. Omar Ismail Solanki


Because of his MBA from Texas University in the United States, Chairman Mr Omar Ismail Solanki has over 25 years of management experience and leadership in the fields of real estate analysis, strategies, valuation, and business development. Because he was raised in accordance with his father's principles and values, he is aware of the value of fostering relationships. He has a history of being a sportsman, is an excellent volleyball player, and frequently enjoys spending the weekend at his farmhouse in Lonavala with his wife, Mrs Kausar Solanki, and children. A Family-oriented person.

Mr. Ahmed Omar Solanki

Managing Director

Ahmed Omar Solanki completed his MBA at the IIPM in Mumbai after growing up following in his father's footsteps. He wants to lead AOS Developments to become the best real estate development company by assembling teams of talented individuals who are motivated by corporate social responsibility and targeted growth. He oversees the company's fieldwork, legal, and financial procurements. He owns a chain of Al-Baik cafeterias and is a big foodie who enjoys cooking in his spare time. He is an avid luxury watch collector, and his love of cars is a reflection of his sophisticated attitude and sense of style. A man of honor.

Mr. Asad Omar Solanki

Managing Director

Asad Omar Solanki is a dreamer and someone with vision. He brings a unique taste and the joy of new-age concepts to the team. He oversees the company's planning, design, and sales. Mr Asad ensures that each project is carefully thought out and created to capture the needs and desires of every buyer segment. He is a fitness enthusiast and often plays cricket with his friends at the MIG Club in Bandra when he's not generating ideas and designs with the AOS Developments team at the office. He enjoys driving his Jeep off-road around his farmhouse in Lonavala. An extravagant.


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